Kendra’s Math Outing

Kendra’s excited to have finished her 1st grade math book!

According to PrairieFrog tradition, upon completion of a level in math the accomplished scholar and her teacher are both entitled to a lunch out together.  Kendra chose a fun local bakery that grinds their own bread and makes a tantalizing variety of fresh sandwiches, salads, and pastries.  She had heard tales of their turnovers, and had been planning the outing for weeks.

Although it was a bit cool, we couldn’t resist the allure of plein air dining.

Over the summer I hope to help Kendra accomplish the remainder of her first grade graduation requirements.

I so enjoy those one-on-one outings with each child!  Kendra’s a sparkling and sweet conversationalist!

Lunch with my Kendra


5 thoughts on “Kendra’s Math Outing

  1. It sounds like Kendra made an excellent choice for your outing. And what a good idea for a reward after finishing each math level! I'll have to think about implementing something like that.

    You always inspire me, Dell.

  2. The girl has good taste, in food and clothes – I love the little purple flowers on her jumper. Congratulations Kendra!

  3. Congrats to her! Hope you enjoyed your snacks and day out. 🙂 They sound soooo good!!

    (Do you know that your profile says that you were born in 2005 and are 2 years old? LOL)

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