Warning, I’m about to do something daring, and post the Questions and Answers below despite a migraine.  Odd syntax and homonym issues might cause me to regret this reckless move later.  (Why does my brain have homonym issues with migraines?  Admittedly, I am spell-check-dependant even at my best, but I KNOW my homonyms–they are usually the only words I spell correctly!  With a migraine though, I can’t sea strait and eye make two many errors.  I hope ewe will excuse me if this makes know cents.)  😉

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So, I just realized, and I want to know – when do your kids bathe? I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to get 4 kids clean, besides hosing them off in the backyard…
🙂 Veronica

A. You mean we are supposed to BATHE them?  Our dirty little secret is out?

Seriously, we do bathe them, but only about 1x a week in winter and 2x a week in summer.  Typically we snag them in the 5-6 pm slot on the schedule 1 or 2 at a time.  Kaira does her own bath without help.  (I wash her hair separately in the sink.)  Ken bathes the boys together at this age.  Keianna and Kendra were together, but are now bathed individually.   Typically bath night is Saturday, and we just morph the schedule accordingly, and skip recorder practice or whatever.

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Hello! You have had a busy household! What fun changes in your home! I enjoy visiting your blog….gleaning ideas and being inspired by your fun learning ideas and dedication to home schooling. Thank you for sharing with all of us. 🙂 A question for you…..your coffee table full of books is an awesome idea. I love the idea of having books around relating to the similar subject/time period. My question….how are you able to have all of those books for that same subject all at the same time? We have a small library here in our area, but I have to place a “hold” on many of the books, which means waiting for them to come from another library or from someone else who has checked them out. How do you keep it so organized that all of those books are available right when you need them? Thank you so much for your time! I know you don’t know me, but please know that I’ve really appreciated gleaning ideas from you. I do have an e-mail, and I now have a “nook” (similar to a blog) over in the “Homeschool Lounge” that is now up and running.

God bless you and yours,

A Montana home schooler

A. Hi, Jamie!   I typically buy or borrow (from friends) the ones that I feel are “absolute must haves”–even if the library has them.  (Usually only a couple fall into this category.)  Then, because I have a serious book addition, I buy a few more that I just kinda want after making sure the library doesn’t have them.   When I go to the library, I’m just looking for icing on the cake!   Especially considering that we aren’t in a really big city, our library has fantastic, although often a bit quirky selection. They always have some wonderful surprises!  I usually search around the dewy numbers of the books suggested in my Tapestry of Grace manual, and then also by the names of people or events we are studying.

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I really have enjoyed reading some of your blog and am curious where you got the “rack” to hang the teaplates/cups?How much was it? I have saucers I am collecting and was going to hang them by glueing a paperclip to the back-got the idea from a plate I found at a thrift store:)
Also how did you hang the plates with string?
I am AMAZED at your clean house! What are some of your hosue rules/ways to help it stay so nice?
THankyou for your time

A. Hello, Jeaneen!  The plates are easy, they have a lacy border of holes to string a ribbon through, and are designed for hanging.  The hangers for the tea cups were a Christmas present from my sweet husband.  I had my grandmother’s tea cups sitting in boxes because my hutch and curio were filled.  My clever husband found a link to Ritter’s Gifts titled “hint for wife for Christmas” or something of the sort saved in his “favorites” bookmark on the computer, and “surprised” me with the cup holders!


Tea Cups

I’ve decided that I need to reply to the comments in the comments because otherwise I forget to do a separate post.  I’m going to try doing it that way for a bit and see if I can be consistent.  🙂  Comments are so much fun.  Thank you all for leaving them.

The children are tucked in bed and I’m heading there too.  Goodnight, bloggy friends.


7 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Veronica, I must confess I did cheat. I had it half written and saved as a draft yesterday.

    Some migraines make me completely useless, some just leave me mostly so. This one was just of the "mostly" variety. But I figured since I wasn't fit for anything else, why not blog. *laugh*

  2. I'm still loving the hanging plates 🙂

    But ugh, I used to get migraines as a child and I still remember them…miserable things, they were. I grew out of them or something….so sorry to hear that you get those!

    Hey I have a question, if I may…. Are you guys dresses-only? (err, the girls and you, I mean) I noticed they're pretty much always in dresses- I think there was a painting photo where they weren't – and wondered….If so, have you always been? I'm just curious – don't worry, I've seen the topic go nutty on a message board before and I'm not out for that LOL ….I'm interested. 🙂

  3. Hi, Mollytail,

    I too have seen the topic get wild on some message boards. *laugh* I’m happy to explain a bit of how we do it, and why, but I’m not on a mission to convince others to do it our way. 🙂

    We are 99.9 percent dresses only for the girls and for me. Most people who know us locally haven't seen me in pants since before we had children and haven't ever seen the girls in them. But, unlike true "dresses only" folk, we will wear pants every year or three. 😉

    On a practical level, I keep a couple pairs of jeans, and make myself wear for a day or two every few years. I don't explain to the girls why I do this, but rather just say, "I just decided to put these on today." I do this primarily so that they can see that we don't feel it is "sin". (Because we don’t see that scripture specifically details pants vs. dresses, but rather gives principles of femininity and modesty.) Christian families find a myriad of ways to live out those Biblical principles. For us, dresses work well. Ken loves his ladies in dresses, and we love wearing them.

    I typically have a pair of overalls for each girl in the back of the closet, and about once a year (usually at the cabin, when they will be climbing over rocks and up mountains) I encourage them to wear them. Even at the cabin we don't wear them most days, so that they see it really isn't much harder to climb in a dress when accustomed to it, but it gives a good opportunity for them to practice the fact that we "can" wear dresses and still be "us."

    For painting, it happened that Kaira had a ratty dress she could get paint on, so she wore a dress as usual. Kendra's outfit that was best suited for "paint clothes" happened to be overalls usually reserved for rock climbing day at the cabin.

    Have we always worn dresses?:
    I did wear jeans some in grade-school, and more in highschool, college and even as a newly wed. Mostly, I think I just wore them because I didn't realize I could not to. The dresses are so much more "me" and I feel so much more natural in them.

    I thought I had a post about why our family wears dresses, and I found it on my hard drive, but not on the blog. Maybe I’ll post it sometime. 🙂

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's ok to only bathe their kids twice a week! 😉 It's usually 3 times in the summer, but sometimes I count running through the sprinklers as a shower 😀

    Also, I just wanted to point out that there are almost as many questions in the comments of your "Q & A" post as there were in the actual post. 🙂

    Oh, and lastly, you should tell your migrain that you have a book ADDICTION, not addition 😉

  5. That IS funny Veronica! I was sure there'd be some weird brain blip!

    I do indeed have a book ADDICTION! I wish we could build a book ADDITION on to the house! Imagine, a whole addition as the PrairieFrog Library! shelves and shelves of books, some cozy chairs and sofas… Ah, bliss!

  6. Thanks for explaining your position & thoughts and everything – I wasn't sure if I was being too nosy {it's been known to happen LOL} by asking or not LOL …..I really like your take on it. 🙂 ….I've actually been experimenting a bit with dresses & skirts myself – this, from a girl who used to say she HATED them and would never be caught dead in one LOL ….I've noticed that when I wear dresses and/or skirts, I actually feel more feminine….and I act/carry myself differently… funny that. *grin* …..I used to actually reject being called a 'lady' – ha look, I just referred to myself as a 'girl' a sentence back – and the whole dresses thing went with that rejection, I think….{stuff to think about, for me} ….

    Thanks for sharing! I love your attitude about it – like you said, you're not out to convert others to that way of thinking, and I especially like how you've made it clear to your kids (and others) that it's not 'a sin' , it's personal choice…. I like that! 🙂

    K, I'll quit babbling in your comment section now LOL

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