Kenya and Cornhusks

Today a couple of the children were blurry-eyed with colds, and we quarantined ourselves from church. The children amused themselves with carved wooden animals their older cousin sent from a missionary trip to Kenya. Their play was realistic, and each time I looked the lion had some poor giraffe down for dinner, or the crocodile was attacking a water buffalo!

Here’s sweet little Keianna, her eyes have been streaming non-stop from the cold, but she had a smile most the day and begged to go to church.

Bleary eyed, but cheerful hearted!
On Safari


Animals from Kenya
In the afternoon, after a time of family devotions, the girls finished their corn husk dolls. They had soaked the husks and formed the dolls last week, and we let them dry over the weekend. Today my young seamstresses fitted them with bonnets and aprons.

Careful Stitches



5 thoughts on “Kenya and Cornhusks

  1. Let me tell ya. I think I just haven't been paying attention, but Keianna all of a sudden looks so much older! I saw her little sicky pic today, too cute btw, but I just had to go back and look at some "old" pics. She really does look different!!! In a good way, of course!!! Just so if you want to go look, my favs were in June and Nov 2006. There were even many more months than that, I just did a google search on your blog "keianna". Anyways! They're all cute, of course, I just noticed your little 'Anna growing up!! Hope they are well soon!!

  2. Cool Animals!
    Can't see the dolls very well in the picture, but it looks like the girls did very good handwork in both the dolls and the dresses. Congratulations young ladys!
    Grumpy Dave

  3. Ohh, poor little Keianna! That sweet little face is so red and puffy! I hope all of you are healthy again soon 🙂

    Kathy D.

    (p.s. I received our Tapestry of Grace unit over the weekend. I LOVE it!!!)

  4. Your right, Dawn! Sometimes I don't notice because I see them every day! She's getting so big! What fun looking back through Keianna pictures! (And WOW that you pay such close attention! You are a blessing of a cyber friend!)

    Grumpy: Thanks! I'll pass the compliments on to them. They really did do careful handwork. Kendra's especially impressed me as she's not done much sewing yet!

    Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂

    Oh, what FUN, Kathy! We are so enjoying Tapestry. I hope it is a great fit for your family too. Keianna's much, much better now. Fortunately they don't get colds often and usually are only down for a day or so when we do, but this one really had her puffy. Poor tyke!

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