Peeking into their minds


Keegan did a “no no” and was corrected.  (For doing something I had just told him not to do.  Third time this week he’s had short term memory that way.)

Anyway, I said, “Keegan you must obey mommy.”

Keegan, with a wide eyed, innocent look and a voice filled with awe at this new revelation, “I didn’t know that.”


Then, I asked my sweet Kendra to help me remember the window measurements when we went curtain shopping, reminding her, “I need your young brain to help me.”

I love her reply, “Yes.  Mommy, your brain is so busy!”

I’m not forgetful, my brain is just busy.


One thought on “Peeking into their minds

  1. Your Kendra is much more complimentary than my Arianna. When I came out dressed for church on Sunday, Arianna gasped, "I didn't know you looked so beautiful Mommy!" 🙂 I was amused and asked "Are you surprised that I look beautiful?" To which she honestly replied "Yes!"
    PS I have an email written to you in my head, hopefully I get it down in cyber-language soon enough! love Veronica

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