Everything But the Kitchen Sink

That’s what’s new in our kitchen!  No remodeling, just new large appliances (fridge, dishwasher and oven), and a fresh coat of paint.

From the Study

Clutter Central

Parting Shot

The boy’s room is next, Ken’s armed with a paintbrush and on a mission!


9 thoughts on “Everything But the Kitchen Sink

  1. Ooo, how fun! I love what a freesh coat of paint can do! We are back from our trip, and I rescued the last of my pictures and portraits from storage, so my house is about to get a slight makeover too. No more bare walls!

    PS: Kiara reading on her bed? – too cute! She reminds me of me, lol.

  2. Everything looks clean and new! We lost all of our appliances at the same time last year, and it seemed like it WAS a new kitchen, simply with the new fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher. When they go, they really go!!! :>


  3. Wow – you have such a big, beautiful kitchen! It looks awesome. Curious, in the third photo down, are those dishes hanging on the wall? 🙂

  4. Yep, those are dishes in that third photo. I've already changed it since I snapped the picture the other day. I decided it might look more tidy if I put them in a straight line instead of staggared. *laugh*

  5. love the look – especially the blue plates hanging on the wall and I also like the color for the walls.
    have fun redecorating-

  6. Hello,

    I really have enjoyed reading some of your blog and am curious where you got the "rack" to hang the teaplates/cups?How much was it? I have saucers I am collecting and was going to hang them by glueing a paperclip to the back-got the idea from a plate I found at a thrift store:)
    Also how did you hang the plates with string?
    I am AMAZED at your clean house! What are some of your hosue rules/ways to help it stay so nice?
    THankyou for your time

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