Busy Week, Quiet Blog

A quiet blog this week, as we’ve been busy froggies hopping here and there! It only takes a few errands to feel busy for us. (Our busyness is usually of the homey kind.)

This week’s highlights included a dental visit for the three girls. (To them it really was a highlight–for some unknown reason they find the dentist exciting. Kaira longingly expressed, “I wish we could go to the dentist every week!”) Grandma stayed with the boys while the girls had their exams, so that was a treat too! (Thanks Grandma!)

We had a few other little errands, but nothing as thrilling as the dentist. Buying Keegan a whole summer wardrobe was just ho-hum compared to teeth cleaning.

The children have been excitedly watching big equipment on our street again. This past year our quiet little dirt road has had more than its share of construction vehicles–a great delight to the children.

Between the errands and watching dirt diggers, it has been school as usual this week, which is always fun and gives rhythm and unity to our days.

And  a bonus picture of Kieran, just for Grandma K.  (He’s studying the gift she gave him for his birthday–a cute magnetic train with pieces that click together.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)



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