Wyoming Girl Discovers Leprechaun

We kept St Patrick’s Day minimal, with the Lenten Season more of the focal point this week

Still, there’s always time for a few St Patrick’s Day day shenanigans.

First, the children did the leprechaun litmus test. The solution greened up nicely, proof that there is indeed a leprechaun about! Naturally, they wanted to find him. Although evidence (in the form of a wee mug, a hat, and several shamrocks) was discovered under beds and on the playstand shelves, they were initially unsuccessful in finding the leprechaun himself.

Kaira continued searching long after the others had given up the hunt. Soon, she called out excitedly, “Mommy! I found him, but I can’t get him out! I need help!”

Sure enough, look what she found in Kieran’s crib!


A fun St Patrick’s Day, indeed. (As for me, I celebrated by treating myself to an Irish Cream Latte when I picked up our next four weeks worth of books at the library.)


4 thoughts on “Wyoming Girl Discovers Leprechaun

  1. Very cute leperchaun, indeed.

    Thank you for putting Polliwoggan on the honorable mention list (blushing). I really did want that prize but I can't begrudge Chautona, since Kermit, well, fits! (:

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