Berry Odd Boy

On the way to church, I glance back at Keegan, who is singing merrily in his booster, and chatting stream of consciousness to himself about everything and anything. Suddenly, I do a double take: His hands are covered in blood!

“Keegan, what happened to your hands?”

He looks at his hands, as if noticing them for the first time and shrugs in a kind of nonchalant fascination, “I don’t know.”

A pause while he ponders his fingers– then his face lights up!  He’s figured out a logical explanation for it all, and says,  “I think they are raspberry.”

Ah, boys! They come in all flavors!


3 thoughts on “Berry Odd Boy

  1. Ah, that is so true, for my boy is frequently sporting a variety of flavors on his fingers 😉

    Also, I'd love to win you art book, but I just cannot think of a single solitary tractor name! What can I say – I'm a city girl, born and raised. Adam suggested Ol' Bessie, but I think that is just too boring / cliche, besides the fact that I think it likely you already have a vehicle or appliance with that name! Can't wait to hear your choice though!

  2. Yep, he did have a little cut on the end of his thumb. No idea how he got it, and he had no explanation for us. It didn't seem to hurt him. Before going into church we cleaned his hands and put a bandaid on the thumb. He actually seemed a little disappointed, that he wasn't raspberry any more.

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