Leprechaun Litmus

With less than a week until St Patrick’s Day, I’m excited to share a fun “science experiment” Aunt Lorelle (my clever little sister) sent for the PrairieFrog children!
Leprechaun Litmus

If you wish to make your own Leprechaun Litmus, secretly purchase a package of instant pistachio pudding mix.  Stealthily remove the plain white pouch from the box and print out a custom litmus label.  (In your word processor or Photoshop, rotate a leprechaun image upside down from the poem–enabling it to be on the flip side of the label when folded in half.)  Print your label on cardstock, fold it over the plain white “test solution” packet, staple at the top and voila!   (Note: Directions in the poem are for a small box of pudding.  For a large box, or two small boxes, increase milk from 2 cups to 4.)

Litmus Kit

Litmus Kit

My darling niece and nephew hunted for their leprechaun while waiting for the solution to set.  The leprechaun himself wasn’t to be found, but bonny wee mugs and other “corroborating evidence” were discovered!  As long as the children can distinguish between pretend and reality, such shenanigans are delightful!  (For my youngest ones, we’ll need to explain that leprechauns are a fun game of pretend.)

A final word of caution from Aunt Lorelle: ”Include the ingredients panel from the Jell-O Pudding box under the faux label if the modified package will leave your house.  Many people have allergies to gold flakes nuts.”

(Leprechaun Litmus shared with permission)

 And speaking of green things…

Please also continue to submit entries for my tractor naming contest. 

Name me!


6 thoughts on “Leprechaun Litmus

  1. I chose Chug A. Long….if you choose my name, please give the book to a family with children. I am a newly retired 2nd grade teacher and don't have use for it at this season of my life. Blessings from North Idaho.

  2. Thanks for the very cute St. Patty's Day idea. (: I might just try it, although our oldest's imagination can get a little carried away sometimes–will think about it.

    For the tractor–
    Polliwog wagon
    Froggie Puller
    Bog Tractor
    Bog wagon
    Bog Digger

    Oh, well, That's all I can think of for now.

    Edited by Lori on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 8:16 PM

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