New FrogMobile!

Today after church I went for a spin in our new vehicle!

I didn’t leave our lot, but it was kinda fun to have driven it. Keegan keeps calling it his own tractor. In fact, he just saw the picture on the screen and said, “There’s my tractor!” He’s eager for another turn riding it with daddy.


7 thoughts on “New FrogMobile!

  1. You must be doing some kind of farming.

    Who was the Jolly Green Giant's little sidekick? Sprout? Or Li'l Sprout? Something like that? It definitely needs a name that reflects both its color and its diminuitive size, don't you think?

    Then again, it reminds me a little of 'Mater (from the movie Cars)…so maybe Green Tomato (or Green 'Mater).

    Ah, but perhaps it has a distinctive sound that sets it apart and should be part of its moniker. Or maybe it should reflect its job or position in your family.

    We've named all of our vehicles, too–from Jack (the Dripper) to the Death Star ('cause we never knew when it would blow up), to our current ride (a 15 passenger): The Massive. (And many others in between.)

    Have fun choosing a name!

  2. Frank

    (Frank's actually a combine in the movie Cars, but your little tractor made me think of it so that's my name)

  3. say "Grandfather Frog" (with giggling) after a character in one of their Thornton Burgess books…or "Old Mister Toad"

    James says "Kermit"

    I say "Frogger"

    Logan says "Hi Ya"

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