Name the Tractor Contest

We like to name our vehicles (and appliances, and everything else).  The cute little guy pictured in the post below needs a name.  Please comment and submit your best suggestions.  If we choose your name, you’ll get a prize!

Here’s the prize:  Child’s Book of Art

I accidently purchased duplicates of this book, so I can give one away!  Submit as many suggestions as you wish.  If we name our tractor the name you suggest, you win!  Just be sure to give me some way to contact you.  (Link to your blog or send an email.)

(Editing to add the contest deadline: Friday afternoon; lets say 4:00 pm MST.)


26 thoughts on “Name the Tractor Contest

  1. Oh goodie!!! I love naming tractors, laptops, and various other things…

    My first thought was Freddie. Then I thought maybe your sister would be offended so I kept thinking.

    Paddy was next. After all, he's green like a leprechaun and it is March after all.

    I think Brett fits because Mary would be proud.

    Gunnar works. Kind of like what you have to do to get er' goin'!

    Then there's…

    Kermit (he's green, a frog, and well, you like those K names)

    I'll be back if i think of more… I like naming tractors! This is fun!

  2. Jeremiah??? He was a bull-FROG….
    BTW… I appreciate your comment on my site. I love yours, and your whole family looks as sweet as pie.

  3. I think he looks like a "Hardy," or if a female, "Tracy the Tractor." How wonderful to have enough land to need a tractor!
    I always enjoy your blog so much, Dell. Thanks!

  4. What about Johnny? or JD? That is a few of the names my boys use to refer to their tractors. The All About John Deere DVDs even have a few songs to go along with those names.

  5. "Cooter"… or maybe "Kooter", in keeping with the "k" theme!
    Adorable vehicle, by the way.

    How about "Sprout"… the Jolly Green Giant's little guy. Or "Jolly Green Giant", for that matter!

    "Spud"? Good ol' "Henry"? "Frank"? "Tater"?

    How fun!

  6. I asked my crew, here are their guesses…

    Rocklin- Grampa Greenie
    Jerald- The Green Deer
    Magdalyn- The Green frog

    I called Aaron over and said, "what should that Tractor be called?" He smiled and replied with "Mine"

    okay, hmm, how about Leap? Tad? Tony? Lil' Green Machine? I know, how about a "D" since you have all those K's around the prairie…Dave? Duncan? Dredge?

  7. We just named our call but I don't think that name will fit the tractor.

    Green Machine
    Growing Green

    That is all I can think of now.

    Beth in Asia

  8. Hi! The children want it to be named Terence, after the tractor who is friends with Thomas the train.

    While I think that's a good name, the perfect name is achieved by using an alternate spelling. "Terrance" has "terra" in it, meaning earth–which is, after all, your little tractor's main interest.

    Also, the worship of the roman goddess Terra Mater (Mother Earth) involved cows. And I *love* the cow-like tractors in the movie "Cars"–the main character goes tractor-tipping with his backwoods friend, and it is *hilarious*!

    Your sistwerp

  9. Oooops! I forgot to add my email address!!
    I was the one who recommended
    Green Giant

    here's my email…
    indigo52 at sbcglobal dot net

  10. Sodbuster (you know us ;))
    Sir Kendall (Celtic meaning Ruler of the Land)(Just to keep up with the K's you understand ;))
    Froggie (went a courtin and he did go uh huh)
    Thumbelina (oxymoron)
    Murphy (Law)
    Roger (can't figure out that one but we like him eh?)

  11. The Prairiecogmobile

    Cog:see especially 1. and 4.

    1. (not in technical use) a gear tooth, formerly esp. one of hardwood or metal, fitted into a slot in a gearwheel of less durable material.
    2. a cogwheel.
    3. a person who plays a minor part in a large organization, activity, etc.: He's just a small cog in the financial department.
    –verb (used without object)
    4. (of an electric motor) to move jerkily.
    –verb (used with object)
    5. to roll or hammer (an ingot) into a bloom or slab.
    6. slip a cog, to make a blunder; err: One of the clerks must have slipped a cog.



  12. I LOVE sewingfanatic's suggestion of Kermit (and her Deere John joke! I literally LOL'd!).

    I also liked (can't remember who suggested it) Kerby.

    My suggestion: Mater… kind like Ta'mater, but without the Ta! LOL!

  13. Cute names, Allison! Just to let you know though, the contest was back in 2008. 🙂 I have another post somewhere announcing the winner. We still have the tractor! He’s a great little machine. 🙂

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