Out of the Grammar Quagmire

Ever since Kaira and Kendra finished  First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind (Levels 1&2), I’ve been quagmired in a swamp of indecision, searching for a nonexistent blend of Classical and Charlotte Mason.  I’ve determined that there simply isn’t a curriculum that does both to my specifications.

After scrutinizing Rod and Staff, First Language Lessons Level 3, Primary Language Lessons, Jenkins, and a few others, I’ve reached a verdict! Drumroll….

The winner is…. Language Lessons For the Elementary Child (By Sandi Queen). (Just to complicate things, I might insert Karen Andreola’s Simply Grammar , which compliments Queen’s workbooks beautifully.  I’m thinking it will fit well in between the two Elementary level books.)  These materials have a lovely “kindling” quality that awakens awareness to the art of language, making them a  graceful balance to my unadorned and somewhat austere teaching tendencies that lose the art of language in the study of its anatomy.  Combined with our other copywork (and the writing incorporated with our history studies) it should harmonize well!

While it isn’t the exact blend I was seeking, I suspect it will ultimately be better for us than what I might think is perfect. At least I’m no longer quagmired.  (And I think the children will really enjoy this approach!)


6 thoughts on “Out of the Grammar Quagmire

  1. That is a new one to me. There are so many choices when it comes to LA. It also seems to be an area where many feel discontent — so hard to find the "perfect" curriculum. We're using Learning Lang Arts Through Lit, but I'm modifying, adding, tweaking. When do I NOT do that?

  2. Ah, you know what I hear a lot when people can't find exactly the curriculum they want? – They write their own. Just an idea 😉

    DH tells me this everytime I complain that I can't find what I want – "maybe you should just write your own, honey." Uh-huh. 🙂

    Maybe when your froggies have grown and moved to their own ponds (prairies?)

  3. I'm so glad you found something that will fit your stride. I just looked at the preview pages and will have to think about whether this would be a better route for H. and H.


  4. …..for sharing this! 🙂 I thought I had it all figured out for this next year. Well,…..after looking at the previews on that website, I'm doing some reconsidering. We've been using some Bob Jones in this area of our schooling, which I think has a really solid base, but this "new" one looked appealing.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I really enjoy your blog.

    Blessings from Montana,
    Jamie B.

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