If I Were A Shoe…

granny boot

Ken and I had fun doing this meme together:

If I were a shoe, I’d be

A lace up boot:

(granny or paddock style)

If I were a city, I’d be

Kilkenny (fascinating little Irish city)

If I were a season, I’d be

Autumn. (But Ken says I’m springtime.)

If I were a car, I’d be

 I can’t imagine being anything motorized. Ken says a Saturn.

paddock bootsIf I were a vegetable, I’d be


If I were a fruit, I’d be

An apricot.

If I were a color, I’d be

Plum or mauve.

If I were furniture, I’d be

A queen Anne desk.

If I were a country, I’d be


Irish Walking Cape If I were a beverage, I’d be

White Zinfandel.

If I were clothing, I’d be

An Irish walking cape.

If I were weather, I’d be

a gentle rain/mist

If I were a dessert,  I’d be

A chocolate raspberry scone.

If I were a plant,  I’d be

I fancied myself an aspen tree, but Ken says African Violet.

  • Ken’s a hiking boot
  • He’s Estes Park in its off season.
  • He’s Autumn
  • He’s a 4-Runner
  • He’s a Golden Potato
  • He’s a watermelon
  • And he’s purple.
  • He’s a computer desk
  • He’s Iceland
  • And Classic Coke
  • He’s a sweatshirt
  • He’s overcast and cool
  • He’s key lime pie
  • And a Blue Spruce

3 thoughts on “If I Were A Shoe…

  1. Well, I know I don't 'know' you IRL, but your answeres seemed very fitting! Or maybe it's just that now that I've read them, I feel I know you better? Or maybe it's because I dreamed the other night that we really DID meet in real life, LOL. And I love that Ken says your a Saturn. Adam said I was a Mazzeratti (sp?) but I think he just thought that was the "right" answer 😉

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