Busy Boy


Helping in the Kitchen:

Moments later, he was playing with a ball, which got away from him, bouncing into Bryn’s basket.  In trying to retrieve the ball, Kieran toppled in.  He looked alarmed at first, then saw us all watching.  Realization hit him, “Hey, I’m cute!” and all was well.

Basket Case

Abandon Ship!


5 thoughts on “Busy Boy

  1. I think I remember a picture on your blog of Keegan standing near those jars when he was a littler toddler.

    Melissa at Our Side

  2. Nicole asked if it is reality: it is amazing to me how full of joy this little fellow is. SOmetimes he can barely nurse between laughter. Of course, he has his cranky moments, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a baby laugh and smile quite so almost non-stop!

    Such a fun addition to our family!

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