Red Letter Day for Keegan

A spicy red letter day at that!  He decorated his letter “A” in “spicies” (aka crushed cayenne).


10 thoughts on “Red Letter Day for Keegan

  1. I think he just decorated his "type"… look how neatly and evenly he decorated that A! Unbelievable for his age!!
    Go Future Engineer…..

  2. I must confess, Anon, that I helped him fill the inside of the letter with glue, and he just dropped the decorations on and shook them around. He is a tidy little guy though. 🙂

  3. Very nice looking–but how do you keep the cayenne out of the eyes? =-o If I tried something like that, it would be everywhere!

  4. Dell I have to ask you were you get all your books?? I have found so many books that we use at your blog and I am wondering if you use a discount book place or are they on loan from the library? I really appreciate your "on the coffee table" and am thankful you share all your hard work with all of us.
    Thanks so much

  5. Dixie,

    I scrounge all over for books, lol. Some from the library. Some from 2nd hand booksellers on amazon or or even ebay. (There are some booksellers that specialize in reselling ex lib books that libraries have discarded. I have oodles of these.) Some at library and educational services (they have great prices, on titles that are going out of print or overstocked). is great for books too. They have tons of titles that the stores don't carry–and a lot of homeschool "living books" for history!

    Amazon,, and Tapestry of Grace's bookshelf are where I find those I can't find cheeper elsewhere.

    I just scrounge everywhere. I have a bad, bad, book habit. *blush*

  6. Yay for Keegan! I just love your blog! You have so many great, and creative ideas…My daughter (almost Keegan's age) would love this. She loves art projects, and we are just starting to learn letters/sounds!

  7. I have been making a letter wall with my 5 year old. He loves it and digs through my cupboards looking for his own "sprinkles" . We just put our house on the market and I had to take down the letters so I put them in a binder with plastic covers. He now has a Alphabet Book of his own to use for review. Thanks for the tip, I'd love to hear more.

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