Distracted Chatterbox

Reading lessons with my distractable chatter box:

Keianna is such fun. Listening to her read to me is quite an experience, as her brain is just so busy.  In front of her is the sentence, “Now the old man is not cold and the goat is not cold.”

Keianna will read, “Now” and then interrupt herself, “It is almost lunch time, I smell soup!”

Then she proceeds with, “The old man” and looks up again, “Mommy, you are not old. Daddy is a little bit old. Kieran isn’t old.”

I redirect her to the page and she continues, “…is not cold and the goat” Uh, oh, she looks up again, “After this we will do handwriting!” And back to the book, “is not cold.”

Whew. Now we go back to the beginning and I have her reread it without the sidetracked interjections.

When instructed to not interrupt her own reading and stay focused on the page she can usually do it, but if I forget to give this particular instruction, her entire lesson continues in the same amusing fashion.


4 thoughts on “Distracted Chatterbox

  1. It is plain old amazing she can even read at four years of age! Of course she distracts… she's brilliant and is linking all these things in her thoughts.
    Love your posts!

  2. Christopher is 19 lessons behind Keianna in 100 EZ lessons. And his method of reading has been just like hers–except that IN ADDITION to all the self-interrupting comments and questions, he also:
    *makes his fingers 'tap dance' all over the page between words,
    *squints his eyes shut periodically to see if he can read without sight. (I am probably the only homeschool mom foolish enough to read her preschooler the book "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut" by Dr. Seuss!)
    *glances only a split second at the page before turning his head away (to see if he can recall the sounds & word from visual memory)
    *adds sound effects, such as a siren sound when moving his finger from line to line, and
    *sometimes purposely says the wrong sound, thinking it a hilarous joke.

    These games and comments between words do inhibit comprehension. Today was the first time he was able to confidently and correctly answer the comprehension questions after a single reading! I was careful to point out the connection between his unusual self-disclipline (just one teeny interruption) and quick success! *laugh*

    However inefficient these lessons seem to be, though, at least he loves to read! In fact, last night Christopher took hours to eat his dinner because I'd left a magazine on the table beside him. He was far too busy finding 'his' sounds and sounding out words in the magazine to be bothered with eating!

    Anyway, Dell, I think you got off easy if Keianna has been your first distracted student! Perhaps your boys, like Keianna, will be more like their double-cousins. *evil cackle*

    Luv ya!
    Your sistwerp

  3. This sounds so familiar. I can't remember exactly which of my kids did this, but I think it was Evan. It is so funny to hear their stream of consciousness and all the connections going on!

    Melissa at Our Side

  4. because my son does the same thing and it was making me crazy!!! Thank you for reminding me to enjoy it, and you gave me away to articulate what I want him to stop doing as well. I always just said, "Now, read without the extra comments please!" Glad to know it's not just my little one.

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