Chocolate Cures Everything

Today at breakfast Ken mentioned that he’d like to lose five pounds.  Kendra piped up and asked, “Would chocolate help?”

Chocolate is amazing, but I’d never heard it touted as a weight loss technique.

Speaking of Kendra, here’s the little missy after her haircut today:

She kept “posing” with a Mona Lisa smile, so I wondered if catching her off guard at the piano would work.  Nope.  Same expression–except with maybe a hint of, “What are you doing, Mommy?” in her eyes.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Cures Everything

  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures…I really enjoy you kids!
    "C'est vraiment chouette!!!"
    I could also say "C'est vachement beau" 🙂
    or even "c'est vachement chouette!"
    Bonne journée, here after a gorgeous sunny week we had two very cold and gray days but today the sun is back!

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