More Recess than School

Today was a beautiful day, just a degree or two under 70!  In celebration, we reversed our recess to school ratio, and after covering the basics, enjoyed the outdoors!  There are still patches of snow in the yard, so the Keegan and Keianna got wonderously muddy.

Homeschooling perk #872:  Having school on “snow days” but getting out early for weekday “sun days”.

What a lovely interlude in winter!


3 thoughts on “More Recess than School

  1. No pictures??
    Here close to paris we have had a week of gorgeous sun…flowers are coming out…haven't seen any snow this year..

  2. I always have a hard time at this time of year. The weather is so beautiful, lots of my flowers are blooming, clothes are on the line, birds are extra active this time of year, there is a chill in the air……… hurry up and do school so we can go outside!!!

  3. Dell, my friend did you move out of Wy??? How did you get 70 degree weather?? We awoke to 15 inch snow drifts in the driveway. No school for the public school kids. I didnt know there could be so much snow in one yard LOL. Enjoy the weather and send some my way.

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