Old World Names are Fun to Say

Keegan has been walking around repeating Spanish and Italian names from our history studies.  He chooses a different mantra every day or two.  Yesterday’s was, “Ponce de Leon”.  Over and over, “Ponce de Leon, Ponce de Leon.”    Other days he chooses, “Juan de Pareja” or “Leonardo da Vinci.”   He was singing it at piano lessons yesterday, when he was supposed to come up with words to go with a rhythm.  The teacher got a bemused look on her face when he said, “Ponce de Leon”, but she’s a great sport, and they drummed out the syllables.  I’m not sure he really has any notion of who these people are, but they are sooo much fun to say!

I wonder if he’ll like Indian names.  Next week we study Pocohontas and Powhatan.   (Somehow I don’t think John Rolfe will be as fun to recite.)

Perhaps he’d enjoy reciting latin declensions?


3 thoughts on “Old World Names are Fun to Say

  1. I love your phonics idea. I am going to try that with our 6 & 8 yo. our 8 yo is struggling quite a bit with vowel sounds and I think it would help. Thanks for the idea.

    You have a lovely family btw! Our children are very close in age. I have an 8, 6, 4, 2 and one due in May.

  2. Keegan and Mag would have great fun, as she also loves to recite all those fun names! Her current favorite is Amerigo Vespucci.

  3. Hello, it sounds like you all have been busy. I have been behind on keeping up with everyone's blog & I am just now getting around to catching up with yours' I like the Phonics game you all played. Glad to hear that you all are having such a great time with your history. My DC love history also. Blessings, Traci

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