It has been a week…

A week of Queen Elizabeth and New World Explorers

A week of Kieran smiles and coos.  (And I think a few first words!)

A week of runny noses and a root canal.

A week of math and handwriting.

A week of piano, recorders and harp.

A week of pale violet-y pink paint. (As Ken paints the girl’s bedroom)

A week of melting snow.

A week of Pass the Pigs (The children’s new favorite game), and new drawings for the refrigerator.

A week of Bible readings and playing chase the dog.

A week of snuggles, laundry and bedtime stories.

It has been a full, fun (well, maybe not the root canal), productive, PrairieFrog week.


4 thoughts on “It has been a week…

  1. I was trying to imagine the week of harp playing. I bet that is pretty to listen to. Do you have any saved on Youtube? It would be fun to listen to it.

  2. i'm studying Elizabeth I right now, too. SO fascinating. Her sister Bloody Mary was also an interesting study. yeeeps! scary, but none-the-less interesting

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