Hat and Helper Phonics Games

We played a fun game this past week to help Keianna on phonics (and maybe help a couple of her big sisters with spelling retention too!)

I took out the Distar Phonics vowel cards, and handed everyone but Keegan (Ken played too) a vowel represented on two cards, short and long.  They would hold up the short vowel (the one without a line over it), and say the sound.  Then they’d put on the hat (representing the line on the long vowel) switch cards, and be joined by Keegan, our “helper vowel” who played the silent vowel that helps the one with a hat say its name.

Afterward we  talked about how sit becomes sIte, if you put a “hat” (line) over the “i” and add a silent helper on the end.

It was silly and fun, and I’m not sure whether it accomplished anything, but we giggled and giggled.

If you look closely you can see that Kendra (in the hat) is being mauled or “helped” by Keegan in the picture here.   I was too busy laughing to take good photos.


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