More PrairieFrog Birthdays!

We celebrated Keegan’s Sunday birthday on Monday.  He is so, very proud of being three.  All week he’s been telling me, “I had my birthday.  I three!”  “Mommy, I’m still three.”  “Mommy, I’m three, I had my birthday.”  “Mommy, You know I’m three?”

For his meal he chose spaghetti, cheese bread, and strawberry icecream with chocolate sauce for dessert.  For some reason many of the pictures I took were blurry.  I’m wondering if I had the wrong camera setting.  At any rate, I don’t have much photo evidence of the meal or of dessert, but I did capture him with his presents.

Such a sweet, huggy, busy, chattering boy!  I love my Keegan!

Kendra’s 6th birthday is today, but we are celebrating tomorrow.  (We do tend to time shift a lot, don’t we!)  So far she celebrated by passing into first grade math this morning.  She’d worked hard to get her addition and subtraction facts fast enough for our requirement!

I need  to scramble and wrap her packages and bake some buns (strange child chose hot dogs, which we usually only do for a once a year cook out!)


4 thoughts on “More PrairieFrog Birthdays!

  1. I didn't realize my Jack and Keegan share a b-day( a year apart)…and I love the sketch at the bottom of your family. Rachel A

  2. Happy Birthday little Tadpoles! We just celebrated Noelle's 4th birthday, and I had the same picture problem! The only good pictures I managed to get were of Zeke by himself, lol. Hope Kendra enjoys her day as well, and now I have to go scoop the strawberry ice cream only out of my carton of neopolitan, because that sounds really good right about now…
    🙂 love, Veronica

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