Leaping Into a New Schedule

We are leaping into a new schedule when the New Year begins!

I had to entirely overhaul a few areas, including starting our day a bit earlier.  The girls have commented that they’d prefer an earlier bedtime and earier start, so it will suit them beautifully.  (They’d been sleeping 8pm-8am, this will move things up a half hour.)

Another change is that I’d been staggering the big girls so that they both weren’t away from the younger sibs at once. Now that they have more school I couldn’t afford the time to not overlap.

The children and Ken glimpsed the plan and LOVE it.  I keep going between mild panic and absolute delight!  It will keep me hopping, but as mommy of five little froggies I suppose it is natural that I hop around a bit!

I’m sure as we implement it I’ll need to tweak a few things.  Ken already noted a few areas that needed altering from my rough draft–Like my having Kieran doing dinner prep by himself.  For some reason Ken didn’t think that would work and had the nerve to suggest it would go better under MY duties.  Sheesh.  My column is pretty full, and Kieran should be able to fit in fixing one meal.  He has lots of free time, and loves to take cans and jars out of the pantry.  Ah well, in a few years I’ll get the boy a chef’s hat and let him have at it.

5 thoughts on “Leaping Into a New Schedule

  1. Wow!
    I have to agree with Sadie – I love that you have a scheduled time for "gather brain"! I think I may need to add that to my own daily schedule! 🙂
    I currently only have one little one (2 years), so we are still quite a ways from having a shedule like this. But, seeing yours encourages me that (eventually) it can be done! 🙂
    (And, completely off topic, we are also working on reducing refined sugar…I made your Chocolate Chip Cookies the other night – and they are wonderful! My daughter said that they are "the best cookies in all the land." High praise from an Oreo-loving 2-year-old!)

  2. Sooo….it's been 4 days, how's the schedule working out? You'r an amazing woman, I think if I tried to plan out my day in 15 minute intervals, I'd go crazy; it's as much as I can do to plan it by the hour, and occasionally half hour. Still, keep up the inspiring work! 🙂 Veronica

  3. I don't know why you think Kieran isn't ready for dinner prep independently. What are you teaching these children? =)
    Your schedule is inspiring. I'm excited to hear how it works.

  4. The schedule looks good, I'll have to read your whole blog to see what you are using for curric. I have older kids, but my problem is there is so much educational stuff to do, I try to put it all in there, then feel like a failure b/c we don't get it all done.

    aka /curiouscat

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