Adjusting the Course

When the New Year dawns, we prepare to set Sail! We are going to “Sail to the New World” with Tapestry of Grace! (Actually we will spend most of January bridging over with the royalty and explorers of the Renaissance, so won’t we be true Tapestry users for a month or so.)

Years ago I’d looked at Tapestry at a friends home, and loved the concept. The design of the original, “Classic” release confused me though. I decided it would be more worthwhile when I had children in several trivium stages.  I filed it in the back of my mind, thinking, “I could see this being a great fit when my oldest is 11.”

Well, my oldest is barely 8, but several things have come together. It seems that what I’ve kinda put together on my own is really quite similar to Tapestry! It is a less polished, less thorough, less organized, stab at the same means and goals, with more preparation and work on my part.

Basically though, I’ve been reinventing the wheel and doing Tapestry the hard way. This was confirmed by four different friends–two online and two local, who chuckled and said that it seemed to them I was pretty much doing Tapestry of Grace all along!

So, because their redesign releases are perfectly in step with our history progress, I’m going to jump aboard, right at the point we are in our history studies. For the next month or so we’ll move into the explorers and late renaissance, then we’ll Sail to the New World, with Tapestry of Grace, and jump into the middle of TOG’s “Year Two” What began as a history “blitz” has really been more of a stroll. It seems that zipping through is just too hard to do with so many wonderful flowers to stop and smell along the way.

Tapestry has enough flex to work with my eclecticisms. The spine is optional, and I can choose the spine that best fits us. They suggest certain “living books” but in most cases I can use most any book on the same subject. One picture Biography on Queen Lizzy will work as well as another! I’m thinking it will be a wonderful balance of giving me assistance and structure while still letting me do it “my way.”

If the blog’s been a bit quiet it is because I’ve been spending much of my computer time (and brain power) studying out Tapestry. I love the way it interconnects so many disciplines–history, art, literature, Bible, and philosophy, so that we all learn together as a family.


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