A Birthday in Two Acts…

Due to a piano recital falling on the evening of her actual birthday (yesterday), Keianna had her birthday in two acts.

Act I scene I

Keianna enjoys her choice of dinner (waffles or “Awfuls” as the children enjoy calling them!)

She helps with prep:

Act I scene II:

Foreground: A holiday Playmobil dollhouse from us (with a Victorian gent and lady, and many other  little  accessories.

She also receives homemade puzzles and cards from her siblings, then unwraps wonderful gifts from my parents.


We pause in the celebration for a good nights sleep and another busy day.  Ken’s mom joins us for the day’s delights.  After lunch we play Keianna’s new “Quack Quack” game from my parents (Such a cute game!  She loves it, thanks Mom and Dad!)

After an early dinner we head out into the winter wonderland to a piano recital.  All three girls play beautifully, and the piano teacher leads the entire audience in singing Happy Birthday just for our ‘Anna .   I accompany Kaira on Silent night, and Kaira does a lovely job of covering my mistakes.  She tactfully assures me afterward that no one could have noticed my blunders.

Act II Scene I


Ken’s mom joined us for the piano recital and then for the continuation of celebrating Keianna.

I made an “inside out” cake.  The castle is filled with a chocolate raspberry mousse icing.

Act II scene II:

Another present:

Ken’s mom gives her a darling custom doll dress.  She’s beaming to have something new for dolly to wear!

Happy 4th Birthday to Keianan Noelle: Our little Christmas song!


4 thoughts on “A Birthday in Two Acts…

  1. The dress is beautiful. I love the birthday cake. It looks and sounds like she had a wonderful celebration.
    I love the pictures you posted below of the baby and the dog. My son loved them also.
    Thank you for always posting the books on your coffee table. Many times I leave here and go to our library site to see if they have any of those books and I request. I love good books.

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