A Dog and His Boy

I was reeeelllly good to narrow it down to just 6 pictures. Really. Bryn was being patient and letting Kieran explore.  (Usually he walks away after a moment.)  So I snapped a few dozen pictures.

Yes, his cheeks are really that rosy.  Usually my babies get cherry red cheeks before a tooth comes in, but Kieran’s had them three or four times now–usually corresponding with gumming everything in sight, and still not a tooth in that mouth.


10 thoughts on “A Dog and His Boy

  1. *Laugh*

    Oh, Nicole, you would laugh at my French. I'm getting "too many cabages" for "trop choux." Somehow, I'm pretty sure I'm losing something in translation.

  2. Sorry, I did not have the time to explain…I had to leave the computer for some reason…
    You are right !Can you believe it,that's what we say "he is too cabbage"
    It reminds me of my mother who got so upset when she heard someone saying to one of us: "petite crapule" because it is not supposed to be nice! something like "little scoundrel", but positevely…
    I could also have said: "il est à croquer" and Kersty (my special need child) would be sure to say: "mum, have you ever seen that we eat a child?"
    And if my father was with us he would have said: when they are babies we want to crunch them up…when they are adolescent…we wonder why we did not do it…" 🙂

    All this to say the same thing: he is too cute for words and I really feel like eating with kisses all over!
    there is something about him…that cracks me up!

  3. Thanks for explaining that idiom, Nicole! What fun. Languages, and the little sayings we use are so funny. Here a lot of people call babies, "little pumpkins." We also say we could eat them up. *laugh*.

    I guess cabbage makes as much sense as pumpkin, and my day is richer for a bit of French insight. I am likely to be calling him a little cabbage for a few weeks though! 🙂

    Thanks, Nicole,

  4. You can call him "mon choux" , my cabbage…or "mon petit choux" my little cabbage… 🙂
    My husband thinks it comes from "choux à la crème" that is a delicious cake…
    But we use "choux" for everything from a dress or wathever we could find cute…so I believe it is used much more then "pumpkin", I do not think you would say, this christmas decoration is too pumpkin for words!!
    good third advent sunday!

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