Algebra and Blog Codes

In the comments on the previous post someone asked how I’d gotten widgits and pictures and other things into the sidebar.  I’ll share, but I don’t promise to be helpful or make sense!  My brain works in odd ways.  Usually it does work (really!  It does!) –just not conventionally.

I had this problem in highschool algebra.  I could figure out how to work a formula, and then apply that formula to all the problems in a lesson flawlessly.  I’d do wonderfully on the homework, and on the quizzes, because I could pop the formula into my short term memory and apply it on everything in that section.  The chapter tests, however were something different all together.  I needed multiple formulae in my weak little brain all at once.  This I couldn’t do as well—at least not with the amount of effort I was willing to expend.  I could get the right answers, if given time, but it would be through convoluted and quirky logic.  Usually, even with the right answer, the teacher marked it wrong because in checking the “work” we were required to show, she could tell I didn’t do it “right”.

So the year went on, I’d ace the homework and quizzes and fail each chapter test.  A, A, A, A, F, A, A, A, A, F, A, A, A, A, F…

I’ve discovered that programming or coding is similar.  I can look at the code, and copy a formula, but I can never remember what I’ve done afterward.  I can find a similar “equation” and substitute in different values to make it work with the numerators or addends or whatever I desire, but I need to work from a sample bit of code that does something similar.  Usually I copy right out of my blog’s own template code.  If I want a new subject header, I copy code from the other subject headers already in there, substituting the words or links.

To add a picture in the sidebar, just find where in the sidebar you want it by scrolling through the code, then enter:




Substitue asterics with < or >

Widgets (like the Verse of the Day, Word of the Day, and my Random Book thingie) had code provided as features on the websites where they are hosted.   I just copied the code provided and pasted it in.  (There were a few “tweakings” I had to do with the Verse of the Day in order to keep it from word wrapping strangely.  Naturally I don’t remember how I did it, I just played around with it until it behaved.)

Other things I couldn’t figure out code for, and googled.  Like finding what numbers represent the colors I wanted or how to do a subtle background pattern repition.

There are some amazing custom blog designs here on homeschool blogger.  Some people do there own, others hire it out—kinda like home décor.

Mine is just slightly tweaked from a standard template.  I widened a window here, changed the paint color there, etc… but it isn’t too far off the cookie-cutter, but that works for me.  I don’t like much busyness or clutter.
If you want to see some beautifully designed blogs here on homeschool blogger, just look around bit.    Tia’s is fun and spunky and loaded with personality.  It was custom designed for her by Christi.  To see a beautiful, elegance, visit Christina, who has a custom design from Amber.

I know there are other gorgeous custom blogs, and blog designers here on HSB, but they aren’t coming to mind at the moment.  (Probably because I usually read blogs through a Bloglines subscription, or here through the “Friends Latest Posts link in my sidebar.)
I hoped this helped.  I’m really only a determined blunderer, and just played around with things a little.  As long as I’d saved the previous code in a word document, I knew that it didn’t hurt to play, so I did!


2 thoughts on “Algebra and Blog Codes

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog. Amber DID do a GREAT job, didn't she. I love my template and I never get tired of it. I hope she will help me replace the header photo when it becomes so outdated that the children don't recognize themselves on my blog anymore!

  2. I, like you, have learned about HTML through trial and error. It's a free hobby, right? 🙂
    And you're right. When you read via Bloglines, you miss the fun changes folks make.
    Your blog is clean, crisp and tidy, much how I imagine you yourself to be. It suits you — at least what you portray online.

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