Coach Frog: on Training the Team

A lady on a message board I frequent posted a question I think we’ve all asked in some form or another at various times.  This lady is a Packer’s fan (through and through!),  and therefore I read her question aloud to my husband who speaks Football with fluency.

Ken nudged me aside and took over the keyboard to reply.  Here’s her question and his answer.  I liked the analogies in both, and found his reply encouraging and motivating.

PackerMom’s Question:

How do you have a gaggle of little Packerites and still function?  ARen’t you exhausted and a mess and just well, crazy?  I only have 3 but the thought of adding, say another line backer, really just makes me feel exhausted.  THen I have to coach them and clean the locker room and provide nurishment and clean the uniforms and so on?  Too bad the ref is only home at night and on the weekends.

So, please, tell me the truth.  Are you slightly going crazy or are you honestly happily plugging along towards the other teams goal post?  (Posted with permision)

Ken’s response:

Remember that the start of every season begins with much planning and preparation.  Once the plan is in place, training camp begins.  Training camp should start out with a lot of strict discipline and hard work.  That way the training and learning the rules can be lessened as the camp progresses

Injuries may set you back, but should not be used as an excuse for poor performance.  As the season approaches, a good game plan needs to established for any opposition that may be coming up.   Then you must stop the opposition so you can get moving in the right direction.  Your team might be tempted to go for the bomb to get to the goal quickly, but most touchdowns are scored by moving slowly down the field and winning the battles in the trenches.

Penalties  might set you back, and from time to time you might need to punt.  But a good defense against this eventuality will get you back going in the right direction again. Your ultimate goal is to win the super bowl and that is not won on one play or even one game, but a lot of hard work and planning.  So get those little Broncos in the training room now and run and pass for the winning score.

In any career, mission, or calling there are days that leave us harried and  worn;  It isn’t something unique to homeschool moms.  (In fact, I find this to be the most rewarding and flexible “job” I’ve ever had!)    Certainly there are days I feel “slightly crazy.”  For the most part though, things do really move steadily and happily along.  The players themselves do much of the work, and with training, they learn the plays.

In addition, a larger team means more relief players, and less strain on each individual.  (I learned this watching “Facing the Giants“)

In keeping with the whole coach and team theme, Here’s Coach Frog and his PrairieFrog team doing Prairefrog  Calisthenics.  Ken began doing this a month or two ago and is good about giving us all a little workout each morning.  I didn’t get pictures of the grueling floor streatches, because he made me put down the camera and join in.


5 thoughts on “Coach Frog: on Training the Team

  1. Great post!!

    PS: How did you figure out how to add all those neat things to your sidebar…i can't figure it out…
    You are the one who taught me how to add my "Friends" link…could you provide a little tutor on the sidebars??

    Thanks!! 🙂

  2. One of the most inspiring posts I've read! With two sons, I sometimes find myself wondering what's missing. Perhaps I need a new way of thinking that approximates who my kids are and how they relate to the world.

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