Yummy Barley Gruel

We have been doing school and other things besides cooing at Kieran (really we have), but this is another post of Kieran pictures.

He’s so proud of himself, starting on solid food.  Here he’s eating his barley & kefir gruel.  MMMM!

His older siblings were also very excited to have him join us at the table.  They were cheering for him through his first several meals!

And here’s another picture, just because I can’t resist his smile.  (And he’s almost always smiling!)


11 thoughts on “Yummy Barley Gruel

  1. Wow, he get's barley and kefir gruel?!! All my babies ever get is rice cereal and oatmeal. lol

    I've long been intrigued by kefir but haven't made it yet… got any tips? Where did you buy your starter grains?

  2. Thanks everyone for enjoying my Kieran with me! He is a joy. Of course, I'm partial. 😉

    Homeschool highlights, re: Kefir:
    I got the grains from Dalyn of Daily Walkin' Farm. Here's a link with the information to email her:

    You only have to buy the grains once, and within a week or so they will have reproduced to the point that you have more and more–plenty to share with friends. If you can't reach Dalyn, I'll mail some to you. (Try her first because I'm not as experienced with packaging them for mailing–I've only shared locally. But I'll give it a try if you get stuck.)

    Mostly I just make the kefir in a quart jar like the one you'll see at the link. I replace the lid with a plastic sprout jar lid to strain it. When I get enough kefir to last a while, I stick the jars with grains and fresh milk in the fridge for a week to take a break. Otherwise, I just make more each day. Straining off the finished kefir, putting in fresh milk.

    Only other tip: Don't use ULTRA pasturized milk. Raw works, and even pasturized from the grocery store works–although it will be a bit different. Friends of mine confirm that the ultra pasturized kills the grains though.

  3. We don't even need to see his mouth!his eyes ares full of sparkling hapinness!!
    I have never used kefir with milk. I always have made it with water and figue+lemon+raisins+sugar

  4. That's fascinating about the kefir, Nicole. 🙂 We just began experimenting last week with "water kefir" (converting a few extra of our milk kefir grains) and ken has some lemon/dried cranberry/honey stuff fizzing away in it now.

    I'd been doing milk kefir for many months, but we just got "brave" enough to try the water.

    I hadn't heard of water kefir until very recently. I wonder if it is more well known in europe?

    Is it often done in France, Nicole? Neither milk or water kefir are that popular here, and many people think us odd indeed. *laugh*

  5. In fact I discovered it is a different kind of graine…one for water and the other for milkl
    I was in contact with Kefir as far as I know as a little girl(6 years old) It was given to us by russian friends and we never bought any thing else to drink!
    I have some grains in the freezer…We have times with and times with out…so when the fig or the raisins have reached the top your Kéfir is ready..;
    On this site you can find on the right the difference between the two sorts of kéfir:
    There are many recipes…
    In France people who drink Kéfir are concerned about there health , eating and drinking good things!
    If you want me to translate some recipes , you are welcome!

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