A Sweet Birthday Morning

This morning, I came out of the shower to muffins for breakfast from my fabulous husband, “Happy Birthday” being played by my daughters on piano, sweet colorings and cards, hugs, smiles, and a note on my computer.  The following is what I saw on my computer screen from my family:

Why Mommy is Wonderful:

She teaches us school

She buys us nice toys

She lights nice candles

She takes care of us

She lets us do fun projects

She lets us have quiet play

She buys us lots of books

She cooks us healthy things

She lets us sleep

She gives us lots of hugs and kisses

She plays with us

She likes roses

She reminds us to turn the light on at quiet play

She reads stories to us

She makes some of our clothes

She gives us time outs to train us

She decorates the house nice

She hangs nice pictures on the wall

She nursed all of us

She teaches us piano

She makes yummy cakes

-From The Children




Why My Sweetie is the Best Wife:

She is my confidante

She is very cute

She is always quick with a hug and kiss

She is an excellent cook

She takes great care of the kids and me

She loves Jesus

She works hard to keep the house running

She listens well


Sweetheart there is so much more to say, I want you know that I love you!!! As long as we are together,

I know that I will be able to face whatever comes along with you at my side.



13 thoughts on “A Sweet Birthday Morning

  1. Really, that's all I can say is awww, that is too too cute and sweet. But my goodness, you weren't kidding when you called this your "birthday season!" Is Kieran the only one of ya'll who was NOT born in the last 3 months of the year? Anyways, Happy Birthday to you who are Blessed among women, I know you had a lovely day, and just to forewarn, I plan on sending you just a quick email Thursday to pester you with a question or two 🙂 Much love, Veronica

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It sounds like you have had a great one and are a very special person to them all.
    May God bless you with many more birthdays & keep the love your family shares in your lives. Blessings,Traci

  3. Hey Dell! I stopped by to read your blog. I haven't been doing much blogging or reading blogs lately, I've been learning Hebrew and that takes a lot of time, but wanted to see what all my cyber-friends are up to. Hope you had a great birthday! How neat I stopped by on your birthday! Sorry I don't have a poem for you, but that's life I suppose.

  4. I loved the list of things that the kids wrote. It looks like you have raised a wonderful family. Well have to go. Have a nice day.

  5. Dell,
    I got a kick out of your comment to my daughter on her post about the time I tried to plug the hand sanitizer into the cell phone charger! LOL… glad you too have a brain that goes on vacations! LOL! 🙂

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