8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Put such a dreadfully cute picture of a happy litlle boy ?
    We would like to be able to pick him up, cover him with kisses and listen to his laughter!!
    I can see the same little "tear " in his eye…just as my son used to have…
    Here I am… totally frustrated!!!

  2. He is irrestible, isn't he. *grin*

    I smiled to read your comment, because he is so fun to snuggle, and his laughter is as delightful as you describe. Thanks for the reminder to cherish this quickly fleeting age.

    Such joy. (And yes, I just HAVE to 'torment' you a bit with his pictures. *wink*)

  3. Here is a heart for you!

    ___xxx pass xxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ___xxxxxxx this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    _____xxxxxxxxx heart xxxxxxxxxxx
    _________xxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx
    _____________xxxxx all x
    _______________the x
    __x about x
    ____xx the xx
    Well have to go. Have a nice evening.

  4. Hi my name is Felicty. Me and my mom and dad are going to Washington. We have gone to Abilene and Lubbock and Gallup and tommorrow we will be going to Salt Lake City and Twin Falls, Idaho. We may be staying in Boise. Then we will go to Spokane ,Washington. I am Melarooski's little sister Felicity. I really like your blog, Felicity

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