Kaira’s Practor

Overheard from three year old Keianna yesterday, “Daddy’s going to Kaira’s practor, but he’s really ALL of our practor.”

Three cheers for Kaira’s Practor (the chiropractor).


5 thoughts on “Kaira’s Practor

  1. I love the things kids say! I have a friend who's daughter is named Leeya. When she was little she was looking everywhere for her "tards" (Leeya-tards) Hehehe!

  2. My kids play 'the injusting game' (translation – the *adjusting* game, as in chiropractic adjustments.)

    What fun!


  3. It sounds like this time of the year for you all is like our's. We have lots of birthdays in Nov. & then all of the holidays to go through also. Glad to hear you all having such a great & joyous time during all of the busyness. We'll all take a rest in January. Blessings, Traci

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