Longing To Be One Of The Big Kids

Today was cooler, but the past two days had been beautiful for late autumn.  The children took advantage of the weather and spent considerable time outside.  Kieran and I went out to play briefly, but because I had work to do, he was stuck inside a bit more.

Here’s a picture from Saturday; He’s gazing wistfully through the screen door, yearning to go out and eat leaves enjoy the outdoors.

Autumn Captive

In previewing a book for Kaira, I found a description that captured the weather we’d enjoyed Friday and Saturday:

“It had been the kind of afternoon that comes like a benediction at the very end of autumn.  Alice had been unable to resist it.” (From A Murder for Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner)

Today was cooler and overcast.  A perfect day for tortilla soup, and teaching the children the game of Aggravation.  (No, they weren’t being aggrivating, it is a classic board game.)


3 thoughts on “Longing To Be One Of The Big Kids

  1. I found your blog while searching for another..lol…but what a blessing I love your site and how modestly your entire family dresses!
    Jamie at xanga.com/jfjamie

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