Happy Birthday, Sweet Kaira

And, how does an 8 year old Kaira spend her birthday?

A bit of light school and some piano practice in the morning, followed by a “noisy party” at lunch.  Ken and I set the timer for 1 minute, and allow the children to be as loud as they want until it dings!  Even the dog gets in on the chaos, barking.   Ironically, Kieran who was being noisy and fussy prior to the 1 minute “noisy part” was stunned into silence when his siblings began whooping!

After lunch and some outdoor play, she came in and was treated to blog reading, courtesy of The Birdman.  He had asked about her favorite bird earlier, and created a blog entry just for her.  After reading all the fascinating links from his blog, she colored a blue-jay picture during her afternoon “quiet play time.”

As evening approached it was present time!

Kendra had made her a paper airplane, and Kaira spent several smiling minutes enjoying it.  She also enjoyed hunting for cards her siblings had made and hidden.  It is so much fun to see her truly treasure all the things the younger children make!

A big activity book of Bible mazes, crosswords and such:

A sewing book with extra supplies:

And, a tisket, a tasket, WHAT is in that basket?
Dozens of small tissue wrapped packages?

All unwrapped (Lori had guessed right in the comments on the previous entry!

Sewing notions and supplies!):


And dinner!  Kaira had requested lobster, pasta shells in alfredo, steak, corn, chocolate milkshake, and cinnamon sticks.  Yes, she always claims the cinnamon stick when jamaican rice.  That didn’t go well with lobster though, so I saved it for desert…

What did she NOT have for dinner?  Green  beans.  She even made a sign specifically banning them!

Desert: A yummy apple cake made with honey.  (She chose to save her sugared desert for her piano book recital we are hosting on Saturday.  We rarely do refined sugar.)  The apple cake was topped with… a couple of cinnamon sticks!

Happy birthday, Kaira!  (I’d better change the sidebar on my blog to reflect her correct age!)


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sweet Kaira

  1. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration! I will show the birdman in the morning, I'm sure he will enjoy seeing the pictures.

  2. Joyeux anniversaire Kaira!
    It looks like if your mother wants you to learn to sew!
    I think it is a big asset for your hole life!I started very young and I have really enjoyed doing all my dolls clothes to start!I hope you will have alot of fun!

    I am preparing things to do embroiderie for a gift for Carol who is turning 22 on the 13th of November…(just as her brother Pascal and sister Kersty… the age !) There is a beautifull book "point de croix des chats" (she loves cats!) and I must go back making the little embroiderie bag for all she needs!

  3. Wow, I can hardly believe she is 8yo! It doesn't seem so long ago when I was there and she turned 6!

    Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday and she looks very pleased. 🙂

    I'm LOL at the green bean banning sign. Heehee.

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