Sweet Morning Prayers

Amid the usual morning prayers of praying to honor God in the day ahead and such, Kaira’s and Keegan’s stood out this morning.

Keegan prayed for the owies (almost invisible) on his hand to get well.  (The “owies” are probably a result of playing outside and digging in the gravel).  He then held up his hand to “show” God as he was praying, and said, “This hand’s owies.”

Kaira prayed that her last day of being seven would be fun today.  (She turns 8 tomorrow.)


2 thoughts on “Sweet Morning Prayers

  1. Happy Birthday Kaira!

    It's also my DH's birthday today. As a kid, he always liked writing 11-1… all those ones made it easy to remember.

    Kids say the cutest things when they pray. Mine are still in the rut of, "Dear Father in Heaven, Thank you for Mommy and Daddy, my sister/brother and my cats. Bring Daddy home safely from work. In Jesus name, amen!" Nearly every time…. and we keep hoping they will start praying from the heart soon, like they did when they were very small.

    Again, happy birthday Kaira!

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