Renaissance and Reformers On The Coffee Table

What better day than Reformation Day (Oct 31st) for us to begin the Renaissance and Reformation in our History jaunt!  Kaira is reading, Luther the Leader as I type this entry.   We talked about the past custom of selling indulgences, and will be doing a coloring sheet to place Martin Luther on our timeline later.  (Usually we don’t do much of a Reformation day, but it did seem fitting that our history study would coincide with the date of Luther’s historic theses. )

Renaissance and Reformation!

I won’t write a blurb on each of the many books on our coffee table, but will highlight a few of my favorites:

Katie and the Mona Lisa by James Mayhew;

Like the others in this series, this is a fun, cute book and an imaginative introduction to the artist through the mind of a fictional little girl, Katie.

Ink on His Fingers
by Louise A. Vernon

Enter into the world of Johann Guttenberg!  This fictionalized account from the perspective of a young apprentice is captivatingly done, and will interest a wide range of ages.  (I enjoyed previewing it immensely!)

Starry Messenger; Galileo Galilei by Peter Sis

Informative and delightfully illustrated.

Bard of Avon The Story of William Shakespeare by Dianne Stanley and Peter Vennema

Wonderful, full page illustrations and great background information give a nice sweep of the culture around Shakespeare.  Very appropriate to give sense of Shakespearian time and place to children.

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles & Mary Lamb

Beautiful book.  I usually abhor abridged stories, but these are well done.

Unless I only have a handful of books that will stack nicely on the coffee table, I put them in a basket to keep things accessible, yet tidy.  Today I was just about to photograph the new selections when Kendra realized there were new books to be had!   I have to photograph quickly before the books wander off with eager readers.

We were planning a rare “popcorn and movie” treat tonight.  I think I might pull out our Nest Video on Galileo.

3 thoughts on “Renaissance and Reformers On The Coffee Table

  1. What type of history do you do? We are doing My Father's World this year and the theme is heavy on Geography with almost no history. I'm looking for a good history guide or curriculum for next year and would love to do it chronologically like you have done. Makes much more sense that way. Also, I put a timeline on our wall last year, but we never used it because it was so high up and the kids couldn't see it. I just don't have a wall long enough for a good timeline – and then it isn't portable for when we move. Any good tips on timelines?

    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week,

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