Busy Froggies

We have really been hopping, with a busy week.  In additon to school as usual we are preparing for several different celebrations as our “birthday season” (And then the holiday season) approaches!

Kieran’s mobility has really taken off–almost overnight, so I’ve begun line training him.  His siblings have been cheering him on and keeping it fun!

What we’ve been doing:

(Kieran is fascinated with the pantry!)

In this picture I imagine him thinking, “Hmmm… I know I came in here for something.”)

I know I came in here for something...

My little pantry bandit loves these cans of chiles–they are a perfect size for little hands.  When Keegan was his age it was the the pimento jars:

Never ending laundry.  Kieran’s trying to help:

Today’s line training session

(He isn’t sitting long without support.  I think he toppled a minute after I took this photo.)

Big sister keeping him company (He’s been drooling on her knee too!):


12 thoughts on “Busy Froggies

  1. So far, Nicole, he seems to be catching on and enjoy the special toys. 🙂

    Anon–not a stupid question at all. It is just an odd prairiefrog thing. 😉 For a description (written a few years ago when Keegan was crawling, click on the hyperlinked text in blue "line training" above. The hyperlink will take you to the other post about it.

    Or cut and past this link: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Dell/40629/

    Hope that helps!

  2. I am facinated because it is a good idea to teach them to be disciplined so early but, i just can't imagine the energie that must go in it!
    I had a safe proof living-dining room for the triplets with wooden gates on the doors …I couldn't have faced this system!

    Can you see the different way of reacting of the baby and how he grows up?I don't know if I am clear…but after 4 older ones can you have a clear idea of the influence of this later…sorry tonight I just don't find my words! can you analyse the influence of teaching them so early this kind of dicipline…does it make your life much easier?do you think it secures the child when you go somewhere and you put the lines? I am full of interest!!!

    By the way my children book has at last reached our house and we are so exited!! It's about a little pingouin who is always cold and goes around the world to find the secret how to be warm…
    He ends up realising that friendship keeps him nice and warm!

  3. In reply to Nicole: I do think the lines give them safety and security–at home and away. As to the influence it has as they grow older, it would be hard to say what is due to the line training, and what is just due to our entire lifestyle of learning and growing together. In general we do keep "boundaries" fairly clear for the children (not just physical "lines") while they are young, not giving them too much to weigh them down and confuse them, yet we gradually giving more freedom to make judgement calls.

    t does seem to help them feel confident, and help them learn to respect limits. Training them young, seems to me to make things easier because less time is spent "putting out fires" and more just enjoying one another. I like the lines, because I can have them wherever I am, they are more a part of what is going on–I can have Kieran near the laundryroom while I fold towels, or by my sewing machine, and talk to him as I hem a curtain… I think it makes them feel more integrated…

    But, it is just a tool. To some it may be a burden instead of something that gives more freedom, but for us, it seems so much easier for parent and child both. Nothing magic, just a tool–our more flexible version of a playpen.

    Even my eldest is still fairly young. The older ones show lovely maturity in many areas, but that is God's doing! (And they have weak areas that need work, just like their mommy does!)

    Nicole, that children's book sounds so sweet and fun! Penguins are adorable!

  4. Great! you understood my question!! Thanks!
    I am sure it is exellent because in a way they are responsible to respect the limits!
    In the same idea I do not say to my children "you should do this or that" but I say something like : "what do you think…do you think you can behave like this or like that, do you think you are doing the best thing…" infact it puts the responsabilitie on them!

    My children are grown up now and I am often ustonished infront of their "obedience" specialy the triplets.
    I must say that listening to the adult was very important! Holding the hand of three is quite impossible..
    Having them on a "leach" like on the picture on my blog was very rare…first we got completely tangled up, secondly it was only for exeptionnel circumstances….The picture was taken on our way back from holidays in Main, and we diceded to have the m on a leach because it had been ever so hectic in the airport going to the states….we even bought a big bag because they each had a little back-pack and we had to run back surching for the bag they had got rid of time after time…It was a nightmare, each one disapering suddenly from our site…No one helped us because we were the suspicious people with five very young kids, we got searched even boarding on the plane…All the other passagers passed and looked at thes suspicious people!
    But all this to say that listening and respecting is normal for them and it has been very nice!It is sad that so few parents are concerned!

    Bonne chance pour la suite!

  5. Please don't think I'm an air -head… let's just chalk it up to BEFORE coffee headedness…

    I see the link… off to read it now.



  6. So where's the blue line teaching him to stay in the pantry?
    I so enjoy your stories and photos, Dell.

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