In PrairieFrog News, Kaira graduated first and second grade all in the same day!

Academically, she’d have graduated first grade quite some time ago, and in many areas she’s already moved far beyond, but there were a few of our unique family requirements still to be met.  (Delayed more by me and my time and focus than by her aptitude.)  We have these “requirements” mostly as a help to me as a teacher, so that I make sure a foundation is laid in the areas we consider important.

To see the “requirements” click here.  : )

We told her that after the first grade, she could, for the time being, give her math level as her “grade”, reminding her that “grade levels” aren’t really that significant in our “do the next thing” style of learning.

Well, leave it to Kaira to finish the last of her requirements for first grade on the very day she completed her second grade math book!  Her reading level is way beyond her math, yet her spelling and writing are still catching up to speed, so really her “grade level” doesn’t mean much, other than giving her a number to tell inquisitive grocery store checkers.

In case anyone is curious, in public schools here she’d have just started second grade.  The cut-off in our district is August, and she will still be seven until November.

Here’s Kaira, finishing her requirements by sewing on buttons!  She chose a sock puppet to practice this skill.  I was impressed, as she threaded the standard sized needle, and tied the knots and everything!  She was also so sweet, and wanted to give her sock puppet to me, “Because you taught me most everything for first grade, Mommy, and I couldn’t have learned all by myself!”

Buttons on a Sock Puppet

Kendra also reached a milestone!  She lost  her first two teeth!  Both teeth fell out withing a few days of each other.  Oddly both teeth seem to have simply vanished from her mouth, or fell out in her sleep and are hiding under the mattress or something.

As per our tradition, the event was celebrated handmade cards and tea from a special tea cup!

Many of my pictures have been blurry this past week.  Is it the camera or the photographer?  Dunno…


4 thoughts on “Milestones!

  1. I know you posted that list a couple of years ago, but I just read it today. AMAZING!!! Do you have a specific curriculum or do you just use whatever you need to accomplish your goals. I'd love to know. I'd also like to know how you do that with littles.

  2. I think the person who needs to be congratulated is the mother!!
    You daughter was right!!You have and are doing a great job!
    Félicitations à la maman!

  3. Great idea! I've wanted to include sewing in our handiworks curriculum and keep not finding the right way to do it… but your post encouraged me to try again, and my two little ones each sewed a straight seam today.
    Happy milestones!

  4. Hi–Congratulations, Kaira!

    Thank-you, Dell, for posting your requirements. I had read them about two years ago and was overwhelmed just thinking about how I would ever manage to homeschool our 1 1/2yo. This time I am more inspired than depressed, as I'm looking at the list and saying, "Yes, that's a good, reasonable goal." I like your idea of looking at where you want them to be in the future, and working back from there. Your requirements are a great example–thanks for sharing them.

    My internet service provider failed shortly after I posted my comment about an original illumination example (sorry), but it is up now.


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