More Reading with ‘Anna

To get a little extra blending practice, Keianna is working with some cards that use the same funky but effective Distar alphabet that she’s learning in her  “100 Easy Lessons”.   (Before the book is done, she’ll transition to reading without the phonetic cues.)

Here she is sounding out the cards:

Sounding it out

And back to the book again:

Back to the book

One more picture, just because it is SO Keianna:

That's my 'Anna!


3 thoughts on “More Reading with ‘Anna

  1. My children also used this book to learn to read. In fact, my youngest got to about Lesson 85 and was completely reading on her own and never actually finished the lessons. What happy memories!

  2. Hello! Could you please tell me where you found the Distar cards?
    I tried to find the Distar alphabet on the internet so I could make my own cards, but I haven't been successful at locating it. I did, however, discover your wonderful blog.

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