An Illuminating Day

Today we looked at the art of illumination; popular in the Middle Ages.

I set the stage by letting the girls read  this informative booklet  online about the history and art of illuminated manuscripts.   (Link is a pdf file that opens with Adobe.).

Then as they colored their own illuminated letters, I read to them from Marguerite Makes A Book.  I’d forgotten I had this treasure on my bookshelves, so it never made it to the coffee table with the other Middle Ages selections.  It turned out well though, because by forgetting it, I was able to bring it out as a surprise!

Marguerite Makes a Book

Kendra’s Coloring (Colored Pencil) of an Illuminated Letter:

Kendra's Letter

Kaira’s Colored Pencil Coloring from the Template:

Kaira's Illuminated Letter (From SOTW template)

Kaira’s own freehand illuminated Initial:

Kaira's Illuminated Initial

Copywork to fit the theme (writing a definition of Illumination):

Illuminating Copywork

(Hmmm… I think it is time for me to give Kaira a refresher lesson in how to hold the pen…)

A tip of the hat to Barbara, of A Bit of Bubbly.  Her blog post reminded me that I had a copy of the Story Of the World Vol. 2 Activity guide with the template for the illuminated letter!


4 thoughts on “An Illuminating Day

  1. We just finished up the time period that had illuminations, but I'm going to download the booklet you shared and show my children your post for some inspiration! I think my girls would love to make some of their own illuminations. I have a book called "Illuminations" (I believe that's the title). It's an illuminated alphabet book with Middle Ages information for each letter. The illustrations are beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love the illumination. My sil inherited a number of manuscripts from her mil from Germany, and she surprised me one Christmas with one of them. I'll post it on my blog so you can see an original.


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