Products Of Four On The Kitchen Floor

Kaira has finished her bookwork for second grade math, but needed faster recall of some of her multiplication facts to meet my standards, so we are doing a little extra drill.

Here she’s practicing “skip counting” by fours by literally skipping.  On the floor are papers, each bearing a number: 4, 8,12,16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40.  Some of the time I’m having her just skip or hop to each number and say it, other times she gives the equation, “Four time 1, Four” and so on…

Kendra’s joining in too, just for fun.

She’s been doing online math drill sites too.  (The kind that isn’t very gimicky, but pretty much just does the rote work of flashing flash cards for me.)   I especially like this Math Fact Cafe and This MathFact site.

Jumping around provided a fun change of pace.


6 thoughts on “Products Of Four On The Kitchen Floor

  1. What a fun idea! And I checked out the websites and put them on my favorites–it's a little early for a 3yo, I think. (:

    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and resources.

    When do you start your kids on Professor B? I did the online sample with Christopher (age 3 and 3/4), and he seemed to like it. Do you think that would be too young?


  2. That's great that you're taking the time to do some extra drills. Sometimes, some of that can be easily put-to-the-side, as well. I was reading something in our Montana home school "yearly" newspaper publication pertaining to speed drills. I can't find it right now, but it said something to the effect of speed drills being the one thing that home school children would need improvement on. Now, that's not word-for-word, but it was a good reminder for me of the importance of it. I had purchased Calculadder for the summer, but that didn't happen. So, my 7 year old has been doing one Calculadder before his daily math lesson. It's been working super….and it's fun to see that improvement.

    Keep up the the good work!
    Jamie B.

  3. How fun! You are tempting me to shed my reputation for not teaching math, lol. Thanks for the links, I think J and R will both enjoy the sites.

  4. Have you ever used Math-U-See? Singing the skip counting facts is fun too! I really liked the photos that showed the girl's hair in motion! How cool!

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