Keianna’s Turn For Reading!

She’s starting at about the age I finished the book with the older two, which presents some extra hurdles. (I find that learning things like this is a bit more natural at a younger age when their minds are wired to absorb language so easily.  Somehow it seems to change near age 3 1/2.)  The challenges are mostly just in my needing to think through ways to better present the material; Nothing major, and probably good to keep me on my toes as a teacher!

With characteristic KeiannaSpunk, she’s doing great, and so thrilled at being big and learning to read!  (She told Kieran all about it.  “Kieran, I am big, Kieran.  I am learning to read.  Yes, I am.  I do reading lessons.  I can read, “sssiiiittttt”…”sit”…yes!  I read, Kieran!  Mommy will teach you when you are big…”  )(Kieran cooed his admiration.)

I’ve been fascinated at how learning ties together across disciplines. Blending sounds and listening for syllabication in the first few lessons helped her over a bump in her Suzuki piano journey! It was fun to see the connection as the two challenges clicked simultaneously! Suddenly, upon learning some basic phonics blending, she began to correctly distinguish rhythms on her Twinkle Twinkle Variations. (Something that had stumped her for months!)  Yeah, Keianna!

I’m looking forward to this stage in the learning journey. Keianna is full of surprises, and I’m still discovering how her mind is wired. This special time of learning to read will be another window into my ‘Anna’s unique way of viewing the world!


2 thoughts on “Keianna’s Turn For Reading!

  1. We enjoyed using that book for reading. The stories are catchy!
    I love your blog and all the lovely photos.


  2. Learning to read has helped Adam in many different areas, too. He isn't studying music yet (not formally, anyway), but he does seem to have advanced with speech development, vocabulary, and his ability to make up humorous sayings with words that he knows will not fit, but amuse him nonetheless.

    We are at Lesson 72 now, and it has been slower going recently. Because everyone was getting frustrated, we have limited the practice time to 30 min. per day (5 days a week). This makes the atmosphere more relaxed and enjoyable for all. Some of the stories are quite silly, but we enjoyed the tales about the White Eagle, and the girl's white toothbrush, this past week.

    Right there with you! Thanks again for the recommendation! 🙂

    — Julie in Ohio

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