PrairieFrogs in the Mountains

What would I have done in the days where 24 exposures was an expensive roll of film?  I took over 300 pictures, and so many were good!  I quickly narrowed it to 200, but then choosing just a few (dozen) was a challenge indeed.  Here’s a handful (admittedly a large handful) of my favorites.

We celebrated our “Gleaning Day” and enjoyed the story of Ruth while at the cabin this year!

Gleaning in mountain uh.. fields?

Keegan's Gleaning find!

Kieianna spots some wheat!


By the Stream


Keegan and 'Anna

Like Father Like Son

Crossing the stream

In the Mountain Meadow


With Daddy

No trip to the cabin is complete without some swinging!  Ken remembers this swing from his own childhood, even before his father and Grandfather had built the cabin on the lot.  (And he carefully checks it each year to make sure it is still safe!)  We enjoy hearing Ken’s stories about getting lost with his older brother in the woods and camping out on the mountainside while the cabin was being finished.

Kaira Swinging:


Keianna LOVED the swing.  The big girls enjoyed it but wanted to explore, but Keianna could have swung all weekend!

Keegan: Initially a bit unsure about the whole thing:

But he was begging for more after a few tries!

Inside the cabin in the evenings or cool mornings we read aloud.  I read from the Apple and the Arrow (part of our stroll through history), we read from the Bible, and, sometimes Ken would let the children choose a book.  They always chose the same one:

Despite the reading material I was unable to identify the “rocks” Keegan handed me while hiking.  As he placed something in my hand Kaira explained, “Keegan found a whole pile of these rocks, all the same shape and color!”  They were dry and quite light weight for rocks… they weren’t rocks.   Perhaps I should have brought them back, placed them in a ziplock or jar and compared them against descriptions in the book.  Yep, that’s what a mom dedicated to learning opportunities would do.  But, I dropped the precious “rocks” to the ground and hurriedly washed my hands.  Scientific analysis was the furthest thing from my mind.

Thank you, Grandma for letting us stay at the cabin!


4 thoughts on “PrairieFrogs in the Mountains

  1. I'm laughing too, about your "rocks." Laughing WITH you, not at you, I'm sure 🙂 It sounds like something Ezekiel would bring me, and I don't think I would have brought them home to ID either! Love the pictures, it looks like FALL (our weather turned warm again, after teasing us with a cool week) and lots of fun! Blessings, VeronicaEdited by MamaMahnken on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 9:20 PM

  2. Oh my! That was too funny about the "rocks"!

    What a lovely time it looks like all of you had! I remember spending a couple of vacations in Colorado with my family as a teen, and it was such a beautiful place! I wish we could go back.

    The children all looked like they were having a ball! My Mary could still swing all day, and she's almost 12.

    I loved all of the pictures!

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