Use it or Lose It

 Many of you joined us for the Traveling Light contest or have been decluttering on your own. Now that you’ve thinned out all the stuff not worth saving, take a look at using the things you have stored up and put them to work!

Are there steaks that have lingered too long in your freezer awaiting an extra special meal that still hasn’t happened? Maybe your pantry is full of items that don’t fit into your usual cooking repertoire? A lady I know just gave herself a Personal Pantry Challenge to use only things in her freezer or pantry for a week. After taking inventory, she planned a special one week menu to creatively serve the odds and ends.

Perhaps your weakness is fabric? Challenge yourself to use two yards of your existing fabric for every new yard you buy until your fabric stash is down to a reasonable amount.

I hoard craft supplies thinking. “Oh, I won’t use this now, I’ll save it for something special..” Let now be “something special”.

Certainly there are some things that should be saved for that special time, but so many items that I find myself “saving” will either deteriorate in time, or would be inexpensive to replace if I use them now instead of stockpiling. Why not use it?

Examine your stashes with an eye toward the “use it or lose it” philosophy this week. Your children are itching to use that fingerpaint before it hardens, and you might really enjoy some delicious muffins made with amaranth grain from the back of the cupboard.

(This article is cross-posted from my Taming The Chaos column on the HSB Company Blog)


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