Song of the Unicorn

It has been a slow morning, (mommy slowness) so in keeping with our Middle Ages History studies, I let the children snuggle down for this fun audio adventure set in the middle ages.  It does a good job of giving a gentle view of some of the folklore of the time, touching on Merlin and Unicorns, but keeping them in perspective.  I loved one line, “It is a small mind that doesn’t have room in it for a Unicorn!”

My biggest critique of it is that for artistic effect the children in the story call to the unicorns with music magically transported from eras beyond the middle ages (Bach, Motzart…).  Transporting works from the “future” makes for lovely imagination, but mentioning these composers out of their historical context (and amid an earlier historical context) could muddy the mental timelines a bit.

A little casual discussion afterward put things right, I think.  Just as we discussed the mysticism that even many Christians had in the middle ages (and today, in different ways!), we discussed the historical blip and relocated the composers in their own eras.

Here they ALL are, even little Kieran (I laid down and gave him a snack while we all snuggled and listened.)


2 thoughts on “Song of the Unicorn

  1. Hi, I've been reading down your blog. It sounds like you all like having a great time with your hsing journey. All of these family times that you all have will make life more memorable for the DC when they are older. Keep up the great work with your children. Blessings, Traci

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I think I need to find some great stories to listen to with the kids and do a campout just like yours.

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