Nice Smiles!

Thank you to Andijean and to B. Strouse for the “You Make Me Smile” award!  Wow!  What kind words.  Thank you both for making ME smile!  Andrea’s homeschool is full of inspiration, and B’s sweet children with their big smiles (Wow, does her “Baby bear” smile!) bring a grin every time!

I could give this award to so many bloggers who encourage me by sharing their joys (and sometimes struggles too.)

You Make Me Smile award: Makes me smile!

And thank you Page!  (Page gave me a “Nice Matters” award!  Page is such a treasure!

Nice Matters Award--Thank you, Page!


One thought on “Nice Smiles!

  1. That is so funny that two of us gave you the Make Me Smile Award! I checked to make sure you didn't have it before posting my comment – we must have commented at the same time!


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