Llamas, spinning, and weaving, Oh my!

We had a fantastic field trip to see llamas and alpacas.  The ranch is also home to the Yarn Shop.  The same lady who owns and tends the animals spins, dyes, weaves and knits the wool into wonderful textiles.  It was a great full-circle demonstration of the process.  Kaira, who is fascinated with all things wool, was particularly spellbound, but everyone had fun.


Watching the loom

Back home, we were enjoying the autumn weather!  I snaped these of the oldest four, and loved the way their personalities shine!

Kaira: Thinking up something!


Sweet Kendra (she is reaching out to Kieran in the baby swing.)


Keianna: Sweet and Silly, full of fun!

Keegan: His expression says it all:



3 thoughts on “Llamas, spinning, and weaving, Oh my!

  1. I don't know if it's wool so much as weaving and looms that Arianna is fascinated with, she would have really enjoyed that ranch too. And the more you write about Kendra, the more I think she and Arianna would be really good friends, if only we lived a few states closer! And, I would just like to point out (in case you hadn't noticed) that Kiannaa has her daddy's smile, and Keegan is all legs! Stop by my blog if you get a chance, I FINALLY posted some pictures!

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