Reality Blogging: PrairieFrog Style

Saturday started nice, with watching a little fox in the field.

The day took an odd turn though, and for some reason we even took pictures through it all.   So, here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

Prairiefrogs Rescue their Dog.

Our corgi, Bryn,  was jealous of the attention the fox got out in the field and decided he’d go out into the field himself.  I’m not sure how he got there, and he wasn’t either, because try as he might, he couldn’t get back into our yard.  He kept trying, and I was concerned he’d be hurt attempting to get under or through the fencing.

Keianna alerted me to the situation:

Oh, Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone:

Oh, Where, Oh Where has my Little Dog Gone

Finally it was obvious I needed to rescue him.  I knew I could lift him up as high as the fence–especially in the spot where it is mashed down anyway, but I knew there was no way I could get him both up and over without dropping him onto the mess of wire below.   Even the olderst girls aren’t big enough yet for me to hand him over, so I stood in the field looking foolish, and we brainstormed.

Kaira and Kendra to the Rescue!

Kaira and Kendra to Save the Day

Keianna looks skeptical.  (And I’m standing out in the field, holding a large, short dog, having just climbed over a barbed wire fence, and am wondering whether the people who own the field are watching and having quite the entertainment!)

What are the neighbors thinking?

Slide, Bryn-doggie, Slide!  Wheeee!

Ok, so that was fun...

Photo by Kaira

We are usually a fairly calm bunch, so the children were already talking about what an interesting day it had been, when at dinner I managed the grand finale!

Getting a FULL gallon glass jar of kefir (prairiefrog food) from the refrigerator’s top shelf, I clinked it against something, and it shattered!  Kefir on the top shelf, Kefir on the leftover shelf, Kefir in the produce…  Kefir under the refrigerator, Glass everywhere.

I’ll spare you photography of the inside of my fridge, but here’s the floor.

Crying over spilled... Kefir.

The children thought it looked like grand fun to clean up the kefir.  Kendra (who has a knack for odd statements) said, “If all we had was a banana, we’d clean it up with a banana.  Maybe I’d eat the banana and use the peel to clean it up.”  (Her mind works in mysterious ways.)

We managed a full day of school amid the Saturday excitement too (Saturday is often a school day here), and it was interesting (in positive ways) in and of itself.  I’ll try to blog it tomorrow!

Thank you for tuning into the PrairieFrog channel, where the excitement never ends.


6 thoughts on “Reality Blogging: PrairieFrog Style

  1. What a day! We have interesting days but they sure aren't the same as the ones with little kids around. 😉

    RYC: Your very welcome! You certainly deserve it, and I'm so glad I can share joy (or just silliness) with others through my blog!


    P.S. I guess I'm not the only one who likes Christmas music all the time. 😉

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