Whoa! What happend to naptime?

I am remiss in announcing that Keianna AND Keegan have dropped their naps and are now doing “quiet play” time!

I’ve been in denial for months on Keegan especially, not wanting to drop his nap too soon; suspicious he was just needing less temporarily between growth spurts.  (Surely my active, busy 2 year old needs his nap.  Ok, who am I kidding?  I need the nap!)  Finally it was obvious that continuing naps was cruel.

Keianna adjusted immediately, and was so proud of the “big girl” privilege of quiet play. Keegan on the other hand is still a few months short of being at the stage of really recognizing it as a privilege.  Frequent reminders of the “rules” have been needed, but he’s a dear and will get there.

Because we spend most the day together, “quiet play” gives us all a little bit of stillness. My girls all really miss it (as do I) if we short ourselves this slot in the schedule.

Here’s Keianna (Who proudly tells everyone she sees, “I do quiet play now!”)

Keegan: Working to grasp the art of quiet.   


3 thoughts on “Whoa! What happend to naptime?

  1. I can sympathize since we're going through the same thing but I've been able to drag it out waaaay longer and had my almost 6 year old still sleeping 5 out of 7 days per week until about a week ago. I can tell it's now time for quiet play but I plan on keeping naptime for as long as possible with the others. Either way, there WILL be 2 hours of quiet every afternoon in our house for a loooooong time. I think it helps keep everybody healthy and sane! And there's no way I'm giving it up! 😉

    Keiran is looking so big, can you believe it?! I wish they stayed babies for 10 years and then quickly went through the other stages, instead of the other way around. What a cutie pie.

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