Petting the Dinosaurs and Viewing the Zoo

Ken took a few days of vacation time this past week and we went to Denver (After the Labor Day crowds) to see the zoo, a museum, and my parents!

We had a wonderful visit with my parents, a glorious day at the zoo (well, except for my fighting a bit of a migraine), and a memorable time at the museum.


Here’s my family with my mom (my dad was behind the camera).  Giraffes in the background

Girffes, and Us

The monkeys were a big hit!

Kaira and the Monkeys

The day after the zoo we took a quick jaunt to a “hands on” dinosaur museum in Morrison Colorado where children are allowed to touch the dinosaur fossils and bones!  Kaira especially was so excited about petting the dinosaurs!  It was a small, very friendly museum and they did a private tour just for us.

I  fascinated when we were shown a rock that had (to my untrained eye) rather subtle impressions.  The guide pointed out the dinosaur footprints, and I wondered aloud how the researchers can be positive that they are true footprints rather than simply random erosion patterns with an uncanny resemblance to dinoprints. The guide was kind in explaining the various comparisons, measurements, and the way the prints are submitted to all the experts in the field for analysis.  The precision of the measurements made the experts all quite positive they were authentic.  (And, I do tend to believe he is right–these were of a baby dinosaur.  Very cute little prints!)

Intrigued, I commented, “Ah, so it is the precision that shows a true handprint, and not mere chance.”  The guide replied with, “Exactly.”

Like the impressions in the rock, the universe shows a precision;  the handprint of a creator.

(There were numerous evolutionary references and dating throughout the museum, but we just winked at the children and ignored those.)

Looking at traces of dinosaurs

A droolasaurus?

A drool-a-saur

Young palaeontologists digging “on site” in a sandbox behind the museum.

Young Palaeontologists

Uh, oh!

Kaira for Lunch?

And on Grandma and Grandpa’s patio:

Ken and children (all but baby Kieran)


10 thoughts on “Petting the Dinosaurs and Viewing the Zoo

  1. I think he was a cute-o-saurus! Sounds like you had some enjoyable field trips! I will have to keep that Morrison museum in mind for our family.

  2. Oh how fun! Every blog I've been to tonight it seems the family has been doing something fun. It's so nice to see happy family after happy family.

    Abiding in the Vine!

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